Updated Info for Fall meeting

From Caroline:

I have just learned, rather belatedly, that there are NO rooms available on the Cascade Campus on Friday October 9th –enrollment is up 20% and apparently every serviceable space is being pressed into use. SO….I have scheduled a room for us on the Sylvania Campus.

Oak Room in the CC Building, Sylvania Campus (Oak Room is located inside the main cafeteria)
Here’s the site for maps and location information: http://www.pcc.edu/location/

To get a PCC parking permit contact Cherie Mass-Anderson at cmaas@pcc.edu. Tell her you need a permit for the OWEAC meeting on Oct 9th, and if you want permit for Saturday and Sunday for the TYCA conference, she can get you a permit for all three days (valid at all the campuses). Also PCC operates a free shuttle service between campuses, so anyone coming for the TYCA conference and staying near the Cascade campus can use the shuttle

If you’re coming for TYCA, you’ve probably already booked at the Red Lion, which is the official hotel for the conference. Or if you want to be close to the Cascade Campus, I recommend the Kennedy School, one of the McMenamin’s hotels.

If you’re just coming for OWEAC and want a place nearby the Sylvania Campus, which is South of downtown, the best bet for close by is Hosptality Inn: 10155 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219 (503) 244-6684. Closest, and cheap–starts at $62–and by all accounts decent. Includes breakfast, and there are a couple good restaurants (Japanese, Thai) within walking distance.

There are a cluster of hotels about 4 miles south on I-5 at the Kruse Way Exit in Lake Oswego. There are also quite a few restaurants in this area. Here’s two, but there are others in the same location, a little spendier.
Phoenix Inn Suites: 14905 Bangy Rd, Lake Oswego, OR 97035 (503)-624-7400
From $99
Fairfield Inn: 6100 Southwest Meadows Road, Lake Oswego, OR 97035 (503) 670-7557
From $99

Let me know if you need further directions or information. My email is caroline.leguin@pcc.edu.


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