OWEAC Spring 2011 Meeting

University of Oregon will be hosting us Friday, May 13, 2011, for our spring meeting.  We will meet in 111 Alder.  The building is on the southeast corner of  15th and Alder. (Lot 17 is just south of our building between 16th and 17th on Alder and has visitor parking and a pay station–see below.)

U of O Public Safety forwarded the following parking information (including links to maps):

You have a couple of options for parking on or around the campus.

One option is to purchase a visitor permit for $10 at either the kiosk on 13th Ave. or the Public Safety office on 15th Ave., giving them  the ability to park on campus all day.

A second option would be to find a parking meter on campus; these meters accept only quarters and can be paid for up to five hours.

The Matthew Knight Arena parking garage is a third option and you may use cash, coin, or card to pay for your parking.

We also have two lots that are governed by a pay station; Lot 17 and the western end of the campus portion of 15th Ave.

The fifth option would be to park at a city meter on one of the streets that border the campus. Campus meters cost $1.25 per hour while city meters are $1.50 per hour and allow for payment with credit card.

I have linked our parking map, parking rates, and the arena.




Visitors using the full day permit are only allowed to park in Lots 17 and 34E. If you should have any other questions, please feel free to contact our office at (541)346-5444.

Hotel recommendations, care of Kate S.:

The Campus Inn on Franklin—walking distance to UO and to Ta Ra Rin, the restaurant that Carolyn and I have chosen as a meeting place for Thursday 5/12—will give OWEAC members a “spring rate” of $64 for up to two people in a room. http://www.campus-inn.com/  Mention “OWEAC” and “spring rate.”

The Holiday Inn Express is also close to campus but is an astounding $141 for a weekday night.

There’s also The Comfort Inn Suites, which is a quick drive to UO’s campus.  It’s $120 night.

And, the Sleep Inn, which is $70-80 and is walking distance.

The Best Western, Greentree Inn, which is $105 and walking distance.

Or, if you want to splurge, the Hilton is downtown and about $175:  The Hilton would be a long walk to campus, but one could take the bus easily.

The tiny Excelsior Inn, which is very near campus, has rooms for $140-175 (you don’t typically have a good chance of getting the Schubert or the Schumann rooms, which are only $99).

On Thursday, May 12, Carolyn and Kate are planning on having dinner at Ta Ra Rin on Oak and 12th @ 7 PM.  Please email Kate at sullivank@lanecc.edu to let her know if you are planning on dinner so she has a head count.

For all OWEAC business, please visit the OWEAC Wiki (link on the right frame of this screen).

See you there!


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